The One Thing That Employees ACTUALLY Look for in a Company

What do employees look for in a company?   The easy answer is that employees look for perks. Think the office playgrounds of Google and Facebook. But numbers tell the truth, and what employees want even more may surprise you.   Mentoring.   Many companies are realising that employees want more mentoring in their roles. “Companies that focus on developing a strong corporate culture and mission are more likely to retain top performers because the predominant values of the workforce are changing. Employees in their twenties and thirties care less about take-home pay than the ability to work at a place that reflects their core values.”   This can look like many things and can happen in the smallest startups, to the largest multisite corporations.   So, what does your company culture look like, from a mentoring point of view?    These can be anything from regular coffee catchups between staff of different levels, or a formal ‘buddy’ system. Mentoring is something that needs be a formal follow-on from any employee induction programs. To have a chat with one of our HR consultants, get in touch with us. Whether it’s reviewing a current policy, developing procedures from scratch, or streamlining any existing programs, we can help.        ... read more

Cashing out Annual Leave.

If you are a business owner, small, large, or in between, annual leave can be a major liability. If you do not manage it properly, it can become a problem. When wage rates go up every year, so does your annual leave liability. It makes good business sense to manage it. The recent Fair Work decision enabled employees covered by 122 Awards to cash out their annual leave – a great result for business owners.  Previously, only employees covered under an enterprise agreement were able to.   The decision has taken effect from 29 July 2016. The four main points of change are Cashing out annual leave; Taking leave in advance; Managing excessive leave, and; When to pay annual leave. #1. Cashing out annual leave Employees are now able to cash out annual leave as long as the balance after taking leave is 4 weeks.  The agreement must be in writing. You may not cash out more than 2 weeks in a 12-month cycle. #2. Taking leave in advance This clause enables employees to take leave before they are entitled to the leave and is only allowed if the employee and the employer have an agreement signed by both parties.  In addition, the agreement must state how much leave is to be taken and when it will commence. #3. Managing excessive leave This change comes into effect on 29 July 2017. It enables employers to direct their employee to take leave – provided they meet certain requirements prior to that direction. Fair Work describes excessive leave as more than 8 weeks’ worth, or 10 weeks for a shift worker.... read more

What business owners can learn from elite athletes .

Guest Blog. Tears have been shed at the Olympics, particularly by our young swimmers who, according to the critics, “could have, should have” done better. Pity the swimmers; preparation is vital but so is focus and self-belief. In an elite field of almost-equals, it is mental and emotional preparation, as much as physical conditioning, that separates those who win from those who come in second. In professional services, like accounting or bookkeeping, everything starts with self-belief. Do you actually believe you’re worth more than you’re charging? Or do you only believe you’re only worth an hourly rate? Following the price set by others is no way to win the race; indeed, in pricing of basic services, it’s a race to the bottom. Pricing is not set by the market; it’s as much about confidence – how you carry yourself and how you come across – as anything else. What business owners can learn from elite athletes Research on elite athletes shows that most successful athletes differ from less successful ones in the following ways: Increased confidence Greater-self regulation More positive thoughts and images More determination of commitment Elite sports people (and their trainers/coaches) look at strengths and weaknesses and require a plan. That’s what the women’s rugby sevens did and this played a key role in Australia’s Olympic victory and the claiming of the World Series crown. A professional services firm or any service business that does not want to be a second rate business will require a fundamental shift in their approach and processes. It will require that you have a plan to close the gap strategically. And... read more

The 5 things you can do to protect yourself and your business

Contributing Author – Jeanetta Munro In recent blogs, we have spoken about the actions which can get your business in front of the Fair Work Commission. Use existing / available resources Fair Work have a range of free tools on their website that can help companies comply, including Pay and conditions tool, which can provide minimum relevant rates of pay A range of resources designed to help improve supply chain management (if applicable) Email alerts for minimum wages updates Fact Sheets Companies can access the Fair Work Site to access free tools, download fact sheets or contact Fair Work directly for advice on pay, terms and conditions. Know your Awards Companies should know which award/s apply to their employee’s, and whether you are meeting all obligations under that award.  The Award sets the minimum terms and conditions for employees. Check for the “BOOT” Basics You should review employment contracts to ensure you are meeting minimum terms and conditions of the Award.   If you are paying a salary or are under a workplace agreement, you should reconcile the amounts to ensure your employees are compensated for all relevant entitlements and are no worse off then what they would be under an Award. Don’t Delay on Compliance! Finally, if there are any breaches employers should immediately rectify breaches of minimum pay and conditions owing to employees.  Do not ignore compliance notices issued by the Fair Work Ombudsman. The Fair Work Ombudsman can (and will) prosecute both companies and individuals for breaches. Seek Professional Advice Sometimes, navigating the maze of industrial instruments which include Awards, Contracts and Agreements can be... read more

Exciting times at HR On Call.

It’s been a very exciting couple of weeks at HR On Call.  We have featured in the Small Business section of the Herald Sun on July 20.  Paul Beauchamp was written an article on “Dialling up HR help”.  In this article one of our clients is quoted as saying “outsourced HR is the perfect solution for a company of 20.  We are not big enough to justify someone full time, but we want to make sure we’re doing everything right from a legal perspective” Peter Williams Co founder Infiti Telecommunications.   The second piece of news is that HR On Call has been ranked  as one of the top 200 HR blogs on the web by feedspot.... read more


You would be aware of what’s going on in the news with regards to the underpayment of wages.  Some of the biggest brand names have faced the Fair Work Ombudsman’s scrutiny with regards to this topic and some of these include; Coles, Woolworths, McDonalds and 7-Eleven.   7 –Eleven has been in the news for months now about how it has underpaid its workers and it continues to be caught up in this underpayments scandal. Overall, the majority to business try and do the right thing, and navigating the maze of employment legislation can be complex. Some examples of why companies are heading to the Commission are: underpayments of international students, falsification of records, intimidation and threats Underpayment of working holiday visa holders excessive working hours and overcrowded, overpriced accommodation for employees holding working visa’s Sham contracting   To read further details on recent cases refer to the Fair Work Ombudsman site. It is also good to be aware of the fact the Fair Work Ombudsman is now not only focusing on businesses but individuals who may be responsible.  Presently, failure to comply with Modern Award clauses can be costly, penalties can be imposed on companies of up to $54,000 per contravention and $10,800 for individuals.  The impact to a business for a visit to Fair Work is not only financial it can have a significant negative impact on your brand image and reputation. The one way to avoid this type of attention by your employees and the media is to ensure you are paying the correct entitlements to your employees and remember the wage increase handed down from... read more

What the minimum wage increase means to your business.

The Fair Work Commission’s has announced its seventh annual wage review under the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth).   Australia’s minimum wage workers are now entitled to be paid $672.70 (this is an increase of $15.80) a week, or $17.70 per hour. What you will need to consider as a SME is how this decision will impact on my business? Tip 1. – If you are paying the minimum wage under an Award, you will need to ensure that you increase wages by 2.4%. Tip 2 – Review the allowances under the award to ensure you are aware of any changes such as first aid or leading hand as these may be increased at the same time. The wage increase impacts on one in five workers whose  workplace who are currently covered under a Modern Award.. An Award sets out minimum rates of pay and working conditions, and as a business it is a good idea to be familiar with the Award you are covered under and the particular clauses which may impact on your employees. Another factor you should consider, if you are paying an Award based employee a salary or have an Enterprise Bargaining Agreement, now is a good time to reconcile this amount to ensure that employee is no worse off under conditions. The 2.4% increase to minimum wages will apply from the first fully pay period starting on or after 1 July 2016.  So if you have missed the increase in the first pay run of the new financial year, please be aware and ensure that you back pay your employee’s so you are compliant with... read more

Who can help you?

I ask the question, when you don’t know the answer to a taxation question, you call you accountant, when you have a question about your lease you call you lawyer. So how do you call when you have an issue with managing one of your employees? Most people are stumped over this question; the first answer is usually your lawyer. This response will get you the required outcome if they specialise in employment law, however there will also be significant billable hours coupled with your enquiry. So what can an outsourced human resources professional help you with? Firstly, the majority of the time we come into a company it is because someone has opened Pandora’s box.

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Hiring the Right Way – 5 Things to Consider

David Ford is an experienced recruitment specialist. With over 12 years local recruitment experience and qualifications in HR (Diploma of Human Resource Management) and training, David has a strong focus on delivering recruitment services from a human resources perspective, ensuring the right team fit and encouraging growth within your organisation.

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# 4. Harassment of a sexual nature

In the blog Harassment HR On Call TM made reference to dedicating an entire blog on sexual harassment.

Let’s just examine the statistics again 1 in 5 people have reported being sexually harassed in the workplace, that is 1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men. Sexual harassment does not discriminate it can occur in any occupation in any industry.

Every employee has the right to have a safe working environment free from sexual harassment. When we think of sexual harassment we typically think that the offender is a male, statistics in the Human Rights Commission report into Sexual Harassment confirms this. However, there has been an increase in the proportion of incidents of male to male sexual harassment which has increased to 23 % of claims.

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