What business owners can learn from elite athletes .

Guest Blog. Tears have been shed at the Olympics, particularly by our young swimmers who, according to the critics, “could have, should have” done better. Pity the swimmers; preparation is vital but so is focus and self-belief. In an elite field of almost-equals, it is mental and emotional preparation, as much as physical conditioning, that separates those who win from those who come in second. In professional services, like accounting or bookkeeping, everything starts with self-belief. Do you actually believe you’re worth more than you’re charging? Or do you only believe you’re only worth an hourly rate? Following the price set by others is no way to win the race; indeed, in pricing of basic services, it’s a race to the bottom. Pricing is not set by the market; it’s as much about confidence – how you carry yourself and how you come across – as anything else. What business owners can learn from elite athletes Research on elite athletes shows that most successful athletes differ from less successful ones in the following ways: Increased confidence Greater-self regulation More positive thoughts and images More determination of commitment Elite sports people (and their trainers/coaches) look at strengths and weaknesses and require a plan. That’s what the women’s rugby sevens did and this played a key role in Australia’s Olympic victory and the claiming of the World Series crown. A professional services firm or any service business that does not want to be a second rate business will require a fundamental shift in their approach and processes. It will require that you have a plan to close the gap strategically. And...

Who can help you?

I ask the question, when you don’t know the answer to a taxation question, you call you accountant, when you have a question about your lease you call you lawyer. So how do you call when you have an issue with managing one of your employees? Most people are stumped over this question; the first answer is usually your lawyer. This response will get you the required outcome if they specialise in employment law, however there will also be significant billable hours coupled with your enquiry. So what can an outsourced human resources professional help you with? Firstly, the majority of the time we come into a company it is because someone has opened Pandora’s box.

# 4. Harassment of a sexual nature

In the blog Harassment HR On Call TM made reference to dedicating an entire blog on sexual harassment.

Let’s just examine the statistics again 1 in 5 people have reported being sexually harassed in the workplace, that is 1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men. Sexual harassment does not discriminate it can occur in any occupation in any industry.

Every employee has the right to have a safe working environment free from sexual harassment. When we think of sexual harassment we typically think that the offender is a male, statistics in the Human Rights Commission report into Sexual Harassment confirms this. However, there has been an increase in the proportion of incidents of male to male sexual harassment which has increased to 23 % of claims.

#1 Getting HR Policies Right: Bullying and Harassment

We’ve had a lot of requests to begin a blog post series covering policies. The first cab off the rank is one policy that every business should have in place: bullying. Its estimated bullying costs Australian business between $6 and $36 billion per year. Bullying and harassment can occur in any industry, organisation and workplace – it is not selective. So firstly, what is bullying behaviour?