Looking for people? Be clever and build the ‘right’ team.

Each and every business owner has their own set of values and expectations. These values shape the way you work and how you want or need others to work with you. When your business grows to the point where you need extra help, start with a good foundation to build a team from. This goes for solopreneurs, entrepreneurs or even those reaching for the corporate world.

Employees vs Contractors – in simply terms

We come across a number of businesses in our travels which still grapple with whether the people who work for them are employees or subcontractors. Just because a person states they are a contractor, they have their own ABN (or ACN), a registered business name, and sends an invoice, does not always mean they are a contractor. As a business employing the person you need to look at the whole working arrangement.

Personality branding – The third brand your business needs

This blog has been re-posted with permission from Daniel Priestley and the team at Key Person of Influence

Personality branding – The third brand your business needs.

There are three layers of branding your business needs to consider:

Product – The brands we associate to a product or service we can buy e.g.: “iPod”
Company – The brands we associate to a company we can buy from e.g.: “Apple”