Why businesses poorly address poor performance!

Poor performance plagues every kind of workplace. Small, medium and corporate businesses alike experience problems with people. These people turn in incomplete work, drag down morale or spark the all-avoidable “spot fires” that managers are constantly running around and putting out. It’s bad for your team, long-term and medium-term planning and more importantly, your bottom line.

Unfair Dismissal

As everybody would be aware, nobody is exempt from unfair dismissal.  This is a great article which once again highlights the importance of following unfair dismissal procedures.  It highlights there are two stages to the process, firstly there should be a good reason for the dismissal and secondly you should use a proper procedures.  In this case the company did not give the employee the right to respond to the allegations. The Fair Work Ombudsman website outlines steps which business’s can follow when they are dismissing and employee.  The website address is www.fairwork.gov.au If you are interesting in reading the article in more detail, please go to the following link unfair dismissal Tags Brisbane HR ConsultingEmployee performanceEmployee RelationsManaging employeesUnfair...