Guest Posting Guidelines

Want to submit a guest post to HR On Call?

We’re always looking for guest blog posts that meet our high-quality standards.

    We do:
  • Pre-approve topics
  • Post ORIGINAL content only. Your article cannot be published elsewhere, including your own website. You’re welcome to republish your content on your own website, after a period of 30 days, with the tagline ‘this post originally appeared on’ with an appropriate hyperlink.
  • Have a tone of voice that we like to stick to, when it comes to publishing content
  • Promote all posts on our social media channels
  We don’t:
  • Respond to requests asking us to suggest a topic. That’s your responsiblity. We want to see your talent!
  • Publish content that links to competitors, or goes against our business practices or values
  Your guest article should be relevant. It’s 2017. Our readers want to know what the latest industry news is, workplace trends, new strategies and more.     We’re all about people. It’s called Human Resources for a reason! So, include some context in your articles. Case studies. Stories. Real-life examples. Have you solved a big problem in your workplace and want to share your tactics and tips with others? Can you teach business owners/professionals how to eliminate at HR frustration? We’re all ears. Your guest post should be unique. Show us your creative skills. From an attention-grabbing headline, to a unique perspective on an older topic, give us something fresh. It goes without saying, but yout post should be well written. It should have flow. Length wise, we’re happy with anything over 300 words. We don’t want anything that could be considered ‘fluff’ though. Don’t dilute your key points for the sake of length. And of course, style, grammar, tone, spelling, punctuation – all of that. Want to see how your writing can be improved? We love Grammarly. Finally, please submit your guest post to us in WORD or PDF format. Include any images as separate attachments, with a preview of them embedded in the main document. Please also include a short author bio (make it interesting!) and your desired link back.    

To send us your guest post, email us. In your email body, tell us a little about yourself, your business and how you’re relevant to HR On Call’s readers.